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In today’s world, businesses are branching out into numerous aspects. Sales and marketing are surfacing the branch of business activities. One can associate these two terms with each other in countless ways. Yet, these two concepts differ in terms of their practical application in the business world. This article highlights the practical difference between sales and marketing.

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Marketing is a broad sphere that circumscribes the concept of sales. However, in the practical business arena, both these concepts pertain to different applications going in the same direction of meeting organizational goals. In other words, the questions, ‘what is sales?’ and ‘what is marketing?’ have two different answers, which lead to the same goal.


What is sales, in sales and marketing?

The answer to what is sales, is simply an activity involving exchange of product for money. It involves the various promotional tasks that a person can undertake to sell a product or service. Sales may also refer to any form of contract of purchase between the buyer and seller. For example, selling the product on credit. One must engage the customers in a deliberate manner for a deal to transform into a successful sale. Learn more about sales and how you can increase sale. Click on the link below, ‘HOW TO INCREASE SALES?’ THE ANSWER TO THE MOST SOUGHT OUT QUESTION.


What is marketing, in sales and marketing?

The answer to what is marketing lies in a series of activities. The activities start from the development of the product to reaching the final customers. Marketing encompasses various dimensions that range from communicating the product to the customers, to fulfilling customer needs in a profitable manner. Here are 10 SUCCESSFUL MARKETING TACTICS THAT WORK FOR EVERY INDUSTRY. The basic concept behind what is marketing, is satisfaction of both, the customers and organization, simultaneously. In other words, satisfying the customers with good quality products and satisfying the organization with a profitable present and future.

Sales as a part of marketing: In theory  PRACTICAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SALES & MARKETING

Sales as a part of marketing: In theory 

In theory, marketing is wide set of activities that include sales as one of its stages. Marketing acts as a driving force in the process of selling a product. Many of you may be struggling with driving the sales of your start up. Read this article on HOW TO INCREASE SALES FOR A START UP VENTURE FREE OF COST. In theory, marketing determines the whole strategy of moving the product from the organization to the customer and sales is a part of implementation of that strategy. Therefore, marketing is like a large domain that encompasses sales as a specific sphere.

Sales and marketing- two different aspects in the practical world PRACTICAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SALES & MARKETING

Sales and marketing: two different aspects in the practical world

In theory, sales and marketing are two interrelated concepts. But in the practical world, they’re perceived as two distinct concepts. Marketing is mostly perceived as the process of generating lead, whereas, professionals consider sales as a process of converting the leads into selling of product or service.

  • A sale is in a form of transaction between the buyer and the seller. Marketing involves execution of all the activities that bring buyers and sellers together.
  • The goal of the selling concept is to meet the sales goals on a timely basis. The goal of marketing concept, on the other hand, is to ensure regular customers and aims at engaging new customers.
  •  The sales process involves a one to one contact between the buyers and the sellers. On the other hand, the marketing process involves the entire marketing team to do a market research, markets analysis and development and implementation of marketing strategies.
  • Sales concerns the ultimate revenue generation, whereas marketing is concerned with expanding the customer base for the organisation.
  • Sales is focused on developing the ability to sell a product to the consumers. Whereas, marketing focuses on fitting the product according to the customer’s desire.

To conclude, sales and marketing can be linked to each other in numerous ways. One may consider the practical differences between the two or consider how the two are similar. The basic crux of this entire article culminates at the very fact that both, sales and marketing mark the essence of any business organization. Thus, a clear understanding of both the concepts, is essential for the orderliness and productivity of the organization. Take inspiration from this EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING STRATEGY OF SAMSUNG- A WINNING STORY to develop your marketing strategy.

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