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When used in the real world, QR codes may be used for a wide range of purposes, including marketing, personal, and business. By using QR codes, you may make your campaigns as imaginative as possible in an effort to capture the audience’s transient attention. These identifiers are now much more useful and essential, particularly for marketing and economic purposes given the current epidemic. Though most people are only familiar with QR codes for marketing and smartphone purchases, there are a tonne of other uses for them. These are some creative QR code suggestions for your upcoming advertising campaign! In this article, we have highlighted ways to use QR codes.

One kind of barcode is a QR code. They are made up of a white backdrop with black and white squares organised in a grid. An application may be launched, a URL can be opened, a contact can be added to your address book, and much more with a QR code than with a normal barcode. These codes can be deciphered by camera-based scanners, which can also expose their hidden linkage. Despite being around for more than 20 years, QR codes really took off around the beginning of the epidemic. They made contactless connections possible for traditional display advertising, retail, and even the hotel industry during that period. Many restaurants have moved to using QR codes on the table that link to an online menu because of concerns about contaminated menus. The adaptability of QR codes and their ability to connect the real and online worlds have made them a popular tool for marketers. That still begs the question of how company owners may maximise these codes’ benefits while also keeping them user-friendly for clients.

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1. QR Codes in-store

One of the effective ways to use QR codes is to use them in-store. Customers who wish to peruse items before making a purchase can do so by scanning in-store QR codes, which provide access to a digital version of the store’s product catalogue. They can also make traceability possible, which is a popular use for premium goods and organic/sustainable food items.

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2. Business Cards with QR Codes

Another widely used way to use QR Codes is to put a QR code on your business card so that your contact details are saved digitally. Customers may instantly add you as a contact on their phone when they scan it, which is quite useful during conferences and trade exhibitions. Business cards may be replaced with QR codes, which will save you money and paper by removing the need for human data entry.

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3. Rapid WiFi setup

If your company provides free WiFi and accepts clients or customers in person, put QR codes on cards, signage, or coasters to save yourself the trouble of having to hand out passwords. This is one of the effective ways to use QR codes. The codes can enable password-free, instantaneous connectivity. One-time events can also benefit from this QR code concept.

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4. Web content

There are a tonne of potential uses for this QR code concept. If you’re a self-publishing author, you may direct customers to an audio or e-reader edition of your book by using a QR code on a packaging insert. Additionally, QR codes could connect to related material about your items. Read our blog on 5 REASONS WHY CONTENT IS KING IN DIGITAL MARKETING to get an in-depth understanding about the importance of content in this digital world.

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5. Marketing Materials using QR Codes

Another creative way to use QR codes is to put QR codes on marketing materials like brochures, posters, and flyers to make your printed advertisements succinct and easy to read. Customers may join a loyalty programme, sign up for a newsletter, or learn more about your business by scanning your QR code. This is also a great method for gathering client data.

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6. Packaging with QR Codes

Product packaging with QR codes is a great way to use QR codes as it helps to interact with customers and share your brand’s narrative. To read a digital copy of the product handbook, reviews, recipe ideas, or even a how-to movie, scan the QR code.

7. Using QR Codes to Monitor Display Advertising KPIs

It might be difficult to monitor the effects of out-of-home advertising. You may obtain accurate data on who is viewing and interacting with your advertisement by placing a QR code in the corner of your flyers and posters. The quantity of distinct QR code scans may be used to precisely determine how successful any conventional marketing effort is.

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8. Request Input

Providing a feedback mechanism for clients is a smart method to enhance your products. Put feedback QR codes on your product labels so that consumers have an easy method to share their thoughts and recommend changes. This is one of the most effective ways to use QR codes. You may use this input to improve the customer appeal of your items. Read our blog on 5 TECHNIQUES TO IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER VERIFICATION PROCESS to get an in-depth understanding of the ways using which you can improve your customer verification process.


9. Give Discounts

One of the best ways to grow your business is to provide clients with a means to save money on your items. Put QR codes for coupons on the labels of your products. Customers will be able to buy your items at a discount when they scan these QR codes. You may encourage current clients to keep purchasing your goods by using coupon QR codes. You may also locate new clients with the aid of these QR codes.

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10. Survey

Another effective way to use QR codes is a survey. Customer surveys are becoming more and more simple to plan. Without complex URLs, a QR code may quickly and easily link to your survey. Without using a web browser, anybody may access the survey by just scanning the provided link. Ensure that your survey is designed with mobile displays in mind.

From product QR codes to QR codes on your packaging, there are many ways to use a QR code to enhance your brand’s social media marketing UK efforts. We really hope that this post has inspired you with some fantastic ideas for integrating the digital and physical worlds to boost consumer interaction!

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