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The digital age has introduced innovations that no one thought possible just a few decades ago. People are now living in a world with virtual chat bots, smart homes, and self-driving cars! In this article, we have highlighted the top 5 entry-level jobs that will help you start your career.

All these innovations have been made possible by the IT industry. As businesses and organizations are making the shift towards the digital world, there is a higher demand for IT professionals now than ever. As a fresher, you must be aware of the entry level coding jobs that can help you start your career. Aside from being in demand, the IT industry is one of the best-paid industries in the world. This makes the industry more attractive as it can offer job stability, a competitive salary, and amazing benefits. Finding an entry-level coding job in this industry is a great way to begin building your career as a tech professional. Here is a list of the top entry-level coding jobs you can apply for today.

TOP 5 entry-level coding jobs

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1. Junior Web Developer

One of the most popular entry-level coding jobs today is that of a web developer. Building websites and web applications are the core responsibility of web developers. Many tech professionals began their careers as web developers. You can apply for an entry-level position as a junior web developer. In this position, you will be closely working with senior developers to build websites and apps. Junior web developer is one of the many entry level coding jobs that can help you move ahead in your career.

As a junior web developer, you can choose to work on the front or back end of the website. You may also choose to enter full stack development, which means you can develop both ends of the website. Your role will depend on the skill set that you possess. Analytical skills are crucial in order to grow in your job. To develop analytical skills, read our blog IMPORTANT ANALYTICAL SKILLS IN A JOB THAT CAN’T BE OVERLOOKED. Web developers write the code for the website. Aside from knowing how to write code, you will need to integrate important plugins and security features to protect the website from malware and cyber security threats. The entry-level coding job includes the job role of a junior web developer where you can learn a lot and excel in your life. Junior web developers can earn an annual salary ranging from $32,000 to $95,000. To become successful as a junior web developer, you will need the following skills:

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Programming languages like Ruby, Python, and PHP
  • Knowledge of cyber security practices
  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork and collaboration


2. Desktop Support Technician

Desktop support technicians work mainly to resolve software issues on a user’s desktop. It is one of the top entry-level coding jobs that will boost your career. Many companies hire in-house desktop support technicians to ensure that all the company’s computers are updated. This role will entail working on software configuration, user account set-up, network configuration, formatting, storage issues, and more. Read our blog DEVELOP INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: INCREASE WORK EFFICIENCY to work efficiently in the corporate environment.

Aside from performing in-house configuration, desktop support technicians are also being hired remotely. Companies that provide software solutions usually hire support technicians to work with their customers remotely. The entry-level coding jobs have a lot of scope & opportunities to learn. This will allow the company to provide excellent customer service via chat or email. Desktop support technicians can earn an annual salary ranging from $25,000 to $90,000. To become a desktop support technician, you would need the following skills:

  • Knowledge of software and network configuration
  • Ability to troubleshoot issues in a timely manner
  • Good communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work independently

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3. Data Analyst

Data Analyst is also one of the most opted entry-level jobs that will help you start your career. The main role of a data analyst is to collect and analyze data. The objective is to come up with an analysis that can address a specific problem. To do this, data analysts use programming languages to efficiently collect and organize the data. This data usually comes from various sources. Then, to analyse the data,  various statistical methods are used.

Data analysts may also be required to build databases for internal use. Other responsibilities include detecting and resolving coding errors and identifying data trends.  To excel in your career, you must read our blog ESSENTIAL BEHAVIORAL SKILLS THAT EMPLOYERS NEED IN INDIA. Data analysts can earn an annual salary ranging from $60,000 to $110,000. The following skills are needed to succeed in the role:

  • Knowledge of Python and SQL
  • Knowledge of statistical techniques
  • Mathematical skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical skills

Other Entry-Level Coding Jobs

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1. Junior Web Designer

As a junior web designer, you will work on building the design of the website. Junior web designer is also an adequate entry level job as it has wide scope and opportunities. Web designers create the visual attributes of a website to make it appealing to visitors. This includes selecting templates, colors, fonts, and graphics that will fit the website’s purpose. Junior web designers can earn an annual salary ranging from $42,000 to $60,000. You must develop the essential skills required at the workplace to get the job of your dreams. To know about the essential soft skills that will help you grow in your career, read our blog ESSENTIAL SOFT SKILLS REQUIRED IN A JOB.

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2. Computer Programmer

Earn a salary ranging from $22,000 up to $85,000 as a computer programmer. As a computer programmer, you will be working on writing code to build computer programs. These programs usually perform a specific function. Many businesses hire computer programmers to automate their internal systems and improve existing programs. The entry-level coding job of a computer programmer includes basic responsibilities including writing codes to build computer programs. 

Landing an entry-level coding job is the first step in building a successful career in the IT industry. Although most jobs require a bachelor’s degree, some companies will hire applicants with certifications and coding experience. What’s important is that you have the skills that are needed for the job. It is important to follow the work culture & systems of the company of which you are becoming a part. To achieve success in your career, read our blog IMPORTANT WORK ETIQUETTES TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS & GROW IN A JOB. Many opportunities await you in the tech field. Whether you are just starting your career or making a career change, the tech industry is one of the best industries to enter today.


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