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Designing is an art. It is a way of making use of the creativity and imagination gifted to the human beings. A good design successfully communicates its purpose to the viewers. It forms a positive impression in the viewers’ eyes. Everybody looks for a simple approach for designing professionally. You can learn the professional designing basics from scratch. This article presents a simple approach to learn to design professional images.

Beginning from a scratch will build a strong foundation in your mind. Designs form the main visual component. It is essential to undertake the process of designing in a structured manner for coming up with good designs. Following are some easy steps to design graphic figures:

 learn to design professional images

1. Begin with the basic stick figures

Start by sketching a stick figure of a real person or any other object. One trick in sketching is to draw over the photograph of the object. This will give you a correct idea of the proportions of the object. Don’t aim for perfection at this step. You don’t need to create solid shapes. However, if you wish to develop perfection in the proportions, you can use a scale in sketching. This marks the beginning to learn to design professional images.

convert stick drawings to figures in photoshop or illustrator

2. Develop your basics

This is the step where you have to put all the guidelines of graphic designing into practice. You can thicken the lines of your basic sketch. Add curved caps and corners to achieve a smoothening effect. Develop it further by adding shapes and other forms of elements. You can simply go for geometric shapes, simple curves and straight lines. Repeat this step two to three times for attaining perfection. Developing your basics is a significant point to convert stick drawings to figures in Photoshop or illustrator. 

 easy steps to design graphic figures

3. Set a scene

Develop a scenery for your object. It should complement the elements of your design. Try using simple and solid shapes for your design. One effective photoshop trick is to hold down the shift key while using the pen tool. This will enable you to draw lines at 45 and 90 degrees. This will keep the typical figure element intact in your design. Once you are done with setting the scene, add the object to it. Incorporation in a simple way is the key to a good scene for your graphic figure. This is one of the effective and easy steps to design graphic figures.

convert stick drawings to figures in photoshop or illustrator.

4. Adding details with precision 

Draw the same object in different proportions. This will give you a good idea with respect to an ideal size which suits your designing purpose. Add details on your line figures. You can do this by widening the outline or lightening certain areas of the design. Add details with precision and clarity to convey the idea in the right way to the viewers. Precise detailing is another important step to learn to design professional images.

learn to design professional images

5. Stylish incorporation of conventional elements

Don’t stick to the typical design elements. Identify your style by focusing on your comfort zone. This will ensure a high productivity in terms of getting the best designs out of you. Don’t restrict yourself to colours, gradients and textures only. Add a variety of elements to your design to enhance the overall mood. Incorporating conventional elements in a stylish manner is must to learn to design professional images.

All the above points serve as the tips for designing graphic figures. You can use these to convert stick drawings to figures in photoshop or illustrator. Implement them in a tactical manner for getting the best results.


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