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A completely new blogging app known as pMachine Pro was founded by EllisLab in the year 2002. This blogging application gained moderate popularity. But, the popularity of pMachine was increased a few years later with the release of ExpressionEngine by the EllisLab. We have highlight the features of ExpressionEngine in this article.

ExpressionEngine became one of the best options for building complex custom websites only after a lot of minor versions and five major releases. Previously, ExpressionEngine was considered to be a proprietary CMS. But, in November, it was finally released under an open-source license. So, nowadays, everyone can easily download and create a website that is based on one of the most complex CMS in the world. Now, a question arises, why choose ExpressionEngine over Craft CMS or WordPress? Both ExpressionEngine and WordPress differ in many ways. But, the most important difference between them is that the ExpressionEngine is designed in such a manner that it becomes very easy for the designers and developers to build custom websites. Other than that, it also tends to provide specific features for publishing any important information in any layout without imposing any ideas about organizing content. This is the major reason behind the popularity of ExpressionEngine development.

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Benefits of using ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is not only proven to help develop informative and attractive websites, but it is also very much important for businesses who are focusing on developing SEO-friendly content as well as designs. A large number of global web professionals trust this CMS due to its high-end features. ExpressionEngine developers always love to work with this CMS due to its highly constructive application platform and also its dynamic plug-in architecture. So, it can be said that this CMS can empower the developers so that they can carry out their tasks as per their requirements. Another best thing about ExpressionEngine is that it never comes across any type of serious security breach.

It means that this CMS cannot be easily hacked. But, if you want to be sure that your website never gets hacked, you should consider opting for a service known to be Pingdom. This particular service does constant monitoring of the server. Specifically, the developers are involved in managing all types of content that are related to the website such as articles, blogs, photo galleries, pages accommodating company information, press releases, etc. through this CMS. If you are focusing on ExpressionEngine commerce development, then there are many important things that you should know about this. In the below-mentioned section, you will get to know many of the important things why you should choose the ExpressionEngine platform in 2021.

1. Flexibility

If you are seeking flexibility, then ExpressionEngine is considered to be the best choice. You can easily create and publish as many types of content as you need. It is also very simple to build custom post types with the help of this CMS. Other than that, you also get the option to effectively combine content on pages in any of the layouts. Due to all of these reasons, ExpressionEngine is known to be an effective option whenever someone considers opting for a CMS. It is best suited for business websites, news websites, blogs, recruitment sites, intranet, or any other type of website.

When compared to WordPress, it takes a longer time to learn ExpressionEngine because of its flexibility. It also makes no assumptions regarding the type of data, you are going to publish. WordPress contributes to providing a well-defined content model which fits many of the use cases. But, the ExpressionEngine is somewhat different as the website owners can make those decisions with the help of this.

If you are seeking a CMS for a blog or simple business website, then, in that case, WordPress is considered to be the ideal choice. But, if you are searching for a CMS to build a complex website, then you should always consider ExpressionEngine due to its flexibility. ExpressionEngine is also an effective choice for developers who are looking forward to integrating a CMS with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Another important feature of ExpressionEngine is that it is developer-friendly. So, you do not have to be a developer to use this platform. You would be able to control most of the flexible content management features of ExpressionEngine with the help of an intuitive admin interface.

2. Security

By default, you will find the availability of advanced features in ExpressionEngine. This includes spam protection features like secure form processing, advanced session management, blacklists, CAPTCHA tests, and a lot more. Security updates are also released promptly in this CMS. Due to all of these reasons, ExpressionEngine is considered to be a secure, flexible and robust tool that helps to effectively build any complex and custom websites. When combined with the Nexcess which is the performance-optimized ExpressionEngine hosting, this CMS is regarded as a perfect choice for reliable and fast content as well as marketing websites.

3. Modularity

Similar to WordPress, ExpressionEngine receives several benefits from a rich ecosystem of add-ons. Many of the websites consider listing thousands of the add-ons. Although, the number of add-ons is much less when compared to WordPress. But, you will find a wide range of the functionality in case of ExpressionEngine. Rather than relying on an external add-on such as SEO and social media features, the platform of ExpressionEngine has many of the built-in features. When compared to the WordPress users, the ExpressionEngine users consider installing only a fewer add-on. But, you will find the availability of these add-ons whenever you need them.

4. Ease Of Use

ExpressionEngine is an application framework that contributes to providing you an effective and simple template language. It also provides advanced and strong tools so that you can effectively edit templates. You will find the availability of customized features in this application which helps the developers to introduce and manage content with tailor-made, custom, and responsive page layouts. And, you do not have to worry about this. ExpressionEngine makes the process of CMS integrations effective, easy and smoother.

5. Numerous Plugins And Add-Ons

You will find the availability of a lot of plugins and add-ons in ExpressionEngine. This will help you to make your content more extensible and powerful. So, you can also be allowed to figure out numerous plugins and add-ons for expanding your platform. Businesses can create eCommerce integration as well as structure add-on which is used most of the time for creating and managing content in an intuitive and simple interface. To get responsive development services, you will find the availability of ExpressionEngine plugins at reasonable pricing from a reliable and professional ExpressionEngine development company.

6. Built-In Features For Enhancing UX And UI

ExpressionEngine comes with the availability of more built-in features such as social, SEO, and technical features. So, you do not have to rely on an external add-on. You can even add-on specific tags to your normal and usual HTML.

So, the above-discussed ones are some of the major reasons why you should consider choosing ExpressionEngine CMS in 2021. ExpressionEngine is working best for the clients by effectively enhancing the business. It also helps to take your business to the next level. Due to all of these reasons, you can choose the ExpressionEngine platform over other CMS.

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