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Law firms need to understand that they have unique SEO needs. As a result, certain things that work for other businesses in need of these services may not work for them. Consequently, only agencies with sufficient experience and expertise offering SEO services to law firms should be engaged. This article reviews some of the best law firm SEO companies in the city of Chicago, Illinois. With this, continue reading to find out about these companies and how competent they are.

Law firm SEO companies understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the legal sector, offering customized strategies to boost online visibility, attract potential clients, and enhance the firm’s digital presence. By selecting an experienced and specialized SEO provider, law firms can maximize the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts and improve their overall competitiveness in the legal market.

Chicago SEO Scholar

This Chicago-based law firm SEO company will make the list even if only one SEO company is being reviewed. That is how good Chicago SEO Scholar is at what it does for its clients. Besides the undeniable competence of its staff members, their willingness to go all out for clients is unmatched in the industry. To provide some perspective, the company has a weird but client-friendly policy of not dealing with more than 10 clients at a go. However, it is important to note that the company still cares about prospective clients that it cannot attend to at any given moment. This is why they are referred to as trusted partners in the industry. This practice implies that they can only earn from 10 different sources at a go.

However, the company does not mind the financial effect as long as clients get the desired results. Speaking of getting the desired marketing results, these desired results are usually exceeded. There are loads of positive remarks about Chicago SEO Scholar’s services online. Other than the availability of such remarks on its official website, they can be found on platforms such as Google and the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Read our blog on 5 IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS OF LOCAL SEO SERVICES AGENCY to get an in-depth understanding about the functions of a local SEO services agency.

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1. Experience

This law firm SEO company has over a decade’s worth of experience offering its SEO and other digital marketing services to law firms in Chicago and the surrounding regions. Besides this, many of the leading figures in the agency have as much as 2 decades’ worth of industry experience and even more. Therefore, law firms who choose to engage Chicago SEO Scholar’s services will be dealing with an agency that has seen enough in the industry to know how things are done. Read our blog on IMPORTANT REASONS TO WORK WITH A DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY to get an in-depth understanding about the importance of working with a professional digital marketing agency.

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2. Licensing & Certification

This law firm SEO company is duly licensed to offer its services to Chicago law firms and some other businesses in the city. In addition to this, it has been certified by some notable authorities in the industry. For example, the company has a certification from the University of Illinois having undergone a Digital Marketing Specialization program. Furthermore, it also has Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications, which are very pertinent in the industry.

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3. Services

The services rendered by this law firm SEO company are either core SEO or other digital marketing services. Overall, some of them include:

  • Content Creation
  • Technical Optimization
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Local Optimization
  • Website Building
  • Website Development
  • Keyword Research

The company offers a free consultation service to prospective clients. This session is very crucial as some professional assessment would be carried out to ascertain services that your law firm might need. Of course, this would determine the cost to a great extent. Read our blog on WHICH STRATEGY FOR DIGITAL MARKETING HAS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)? to get an in-depth understanding about the ways using which you can earn high return on investment.

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4. How Long Does It Take to See Results?

It takes anywhere between 6 – 18 months to achieve the desired SEO results. This is a wide range and the exact time it takes depends on several factors. The most notable of them is industry competition. Desired results can be achieved in as little as 5–6 months in industries where the competition is not so intense. On the other hand, it could be as much as 16–18 months for clients in industries with very intense competition. Frankly, the legal practice is a highly competitive one, especially in a city like Chicago. However, even with this timeframe, bits and pieces of progress should be expected at various points. This is usually enough motivation to keep clients focused on doing what it takes to get their law firm the much-needed online visibility. Read our blog on TOP FREE CLASSIFIED WEBSITES TO MAKE LINKS FOR SEO & BOOST RANKINGS to get an in-depth understanding about the free classified website that can help you book your rankings.


In all fairness, not many come any better than SmartSites. This law firm SEO company has indeed won the hearts of many of its past and current clients. For one, this is because of how responsive and client-centred it is.

In a previous customer’s words, “This company made my goals theirs”. This is all in the bid to ensure that their clients experience massive increments in lead quantity and quality. Furthermore, SmartSites is involved every step of the way in the sales funnel and significantly increases its client’s revenue status.

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1. Experience

This law firm SEO company has a little over a decade of experience offering SEO and other digital marketing services to clients in the industry. It is safe to say that this law firm SEO company has outdone several agencies that have way more experience.

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2. Licensing & Certification

SmartSites licensing and certification status is one of the greatest proofs of its competency. Aside from being duly licensed to offer its SEO and digital marketing services to law firms in Chicago, some of its certifications include the following:

  • Meta Business Partner
  • Microsoft Advertising Select Partner
  • Google Partner

Additionally, SmartSites has also racked in several industry awards that further prove its competency. Some of these awards include:

  • First rank in marketing strategy by G2 in 2022
  • First rank in digital marketing by BestCompany
  • Third rank in advertising by Upcity
  • First rank in digital marketing by GoodFirms

Coupled with the fact that there are over a hundred positive reviews about SmartSites services on the Google review platform, there is no doubt about the competence of this company.

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3. Services

Some of the services rendered by SmartSites include:

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • PPC advertising
  • E-commerce
  • Organic SEO

These are just some of the services that this law firm SEO company offers. Read our blog on the TOP 15 ADVANTAGES OF HIRING A DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY FOR YOUR BUSINESS to get an in-depth understanding about the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency.

Law firms need to do some serious vetting before hiring any SEO agency for increased lead generation and all that comes with it. In the spirit of doing that, two of the best law firm SEO companies have been reviewed here. These are a few of the factors you would need to consider to make informed decisions when working with an SEO agency.

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